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Restaurant App

Restaurant app to check out our food menu, browse food items, create orders, and make table reservations. Our restaurant app makes it extremely easy for restaurant owners to set up their own food delivery app.

With beautiful advanced features, such as reordering functionality, past orders screen, and shopping cart, this food ordering app represents the most efficient way to satisfy your hungry customers.

Features & design that’ll blow your mind

  • Restaurant menu showcase, with image covers
  • Amazing food categories screen
  • Shopping Cart functionality
  • Cart screen/Checkout flow
  • Edit Cart items (change quantity, remove items, etc.)
  • Food Details screen, with image carousel, description and Add to Cart button
  • Reservations screen
  • Order History screen
  • Order Again functionality
  • Payment support with Apple Pay
  • Payment integration with Stripe
  • Localization & RTL (Multi-language)
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Phone Authentication with SMS
  • Dark Mode support
  • Push Notifications
  • Admin Dashboard
    • In-app dashboard
    • Incoming orders
    • Update order status
    • Multiple admin roles
    • Push Notifications to admins for new orders
    • Push Notifications to customers for order updates
  • Search
  • Customer Profile
    • Edit Account Details
    • Change profile photo
    • Settings
    • Contact us
  • Firebase Backend integration for Categories, Food Products, Orders, Reservations, Users & Search
  • User Management with Firebase Auth
  • Forgot Password with Reset functionality
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Country code picker
  • Fully customizable drawer menu
  • Classic Login & Registration with e-mail & password
  • Login with Facebook
  • Persistent Login Credentials
  • Logout functionality